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Custom Steel Plaques, Badges and Pictures

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Custom Steel Plaques, Badges and Pictures

Extremely high-end and super classy.
(zoom in to truly appreciate)

Your picture, your design or your text can be made into
a 100% custom, polished, 16 gauge steel plaque covered in 3 layers of glossy automotive clear coat. Our team will contact you for your specifications before starting your order.

These are 100% hand-made, not mass produced on a machine or press.
Manufacturing times may fluctuate with demand but well worth the wait

100% HANDMADE in Wisconsin, USA!

American Metal artsist
justis henderson

Hand-made American Steel
Unique painting and controlled patina techniques that have been passed down through generations.

-Hand welded
-Hand polished
-Handcrafted Patina
-Aged to perfection
Extremely high end 3 dimensional design

Built to last, pass down a legacy

Cut, Bent, Welded and Polished to perfection

16 gauge american steel

Each flag makes a statement